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Kendra C. Sikes...

is a Philanthropist, Domestic Violence Advocate and an OVERCOMER! Reared in the cycle of abuse, she found herself repeating the cycle in her own home.  The more the effects of abuse saturated her life, the tougher the battle for freedom became. She began warring with low self esteem , self hatred and bitterness.  In an abusive relationship for over 10 years, she became confused, isolated and broken.  Not knowing where to turn, she made the decision to turn her focus upward to God and began fighting the battle of abuse on her knees in prayer; and God answered!  GOD gave her the wisdom and strength to end the cycle of abuse by speaking life to her purpose and cursing the root of the generational cycle of abuse and it's residue. Standing boldly in Christ, Kendra is now  confident , bold and passionate with a purpose and mission to reach and teach women of all ages. Her deepest desire is to impart to women all over the world the tools needed to know the true meaning of overcomer and ending the cycle of abuse. Kendra has began her mission of reaching women all of the world through her autobiography "Rebirth from Cursed" and “You Have No Idea The Hell I’ve Been Through. Through telling her story of freedom she hopes to empower women covered in the bondage of abuse to overcome and pursue their true destiny!