The Womanpreneur


Kendra C. Sikes...

The CEO of The Booked & Beautiful Agency, GETBOOKED Agency, Garbed In Modesty Magazine and GarbYOUniversity is on a mission to empower women young and old to live out their dreams, be the best they can be and be a light around the world by sharing their stories. This Faith filled boss chick is also an 2x author, business coach, book strategist , PR Agent and voice for women who inspires woman all over the world, showing them that their past does not determine their future and empowers them to move past their hurts and pains and turn it into a passion that works for them.

Kendra wears many hats and is suited for balancing her home, ministry, non profit organization and multiple businesses. Starting from the ground up was not a problem for Kendra. After hours of research, dedication and passion within 5 months Kendra C. Sikes has grown and expanded to a well sought brand with a vision to become a household name and employee many around the world.