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Huffington Post

Kendra C. Sikes, Born and raised in Dallas TX where she wears many hat; From Ordained Minister, Speaker, CEO, Wife, Mother of five beautiful children,  Domestic Violence Advocate and OVERCOMER! Reared in the cycle of abuse, she found herself repeating the cycle in her own home...READ MORE >

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Black GIrl Nerds

Becoming a best-selling author is every author’s dream. The pressure of writing a book to make sure it hits the top selling mark can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you don’t understand the reality of becoming a true best-selling author...READ MORE>

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Garbed in Modesty Magazine

We’ve all been there: that moment when you clear out your closet anticipating to bring in the latest clothing, shoes and designer bags and it hits you - you’re out of space. As you are moving things around trying to figure out where to put everything (because you didn’t de-clutter) you realize you have no room for the new...READ MORE >